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Boost your immune system to protect against the Coronavirus

by , 30 January 2020
Boost your immune system to protect against the Coronavirus
I'm sure you've seen the news footage on this latest virus that's killed over 170 and infected more than 7700 people...

A vaccine against the Coronavirus is still months away - and it's already spreading to other countries.

The good news is there is a herb available right now that can help to boost your immune system to protect against this virus and other strains of the flu.

Keep reading to find out what it is...

The natural immune booster you can use all year long...  

Echinacea is already the best-known herbal product for colds and flu. But the key to the successful use of Echinacea to prevent illnesses is to know which form to use and how to use it.

As a preventative, the best form of this herb is the root, which is rich in phytochemicals known as alkylamides.

There is good clinical evidence for Echinacea root’s cold and flu preventative effects. In a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, a liquid extract of Echinacea root significantly reduced the incidence of winter infections in medical students. Med students tend to be highly stressed and more susceptible to illness during the winter.

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How much to take...

The baseline preventative dose should contain around 2.5 grams of Echinacea root. When you feel a cold coming on, temporarily increase your dose to 7-10 grams per day to ward off the infection, then resume your baseline dose.

Protect yourself and your family against this deadly virus with Echinacea. 

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Boost your immune system to protect against the Coronavirus
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