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Bloated? Stomach cramps? Weight and cholesterol issues? Add potatoes back into your diet!

by , 27 May 2016
Bloated? Stomach cramps? Weight and cholesterol issues? Add potatoes back into your diet!
We live in a time where “carbs are evil”. And almost every diet says to cut them from your diet to lose weight, stop the bloating and improve your health overall.

Even potatoes fall into that category. And so the supermarket shelves have bags and bags of them just lying there, waiting for a buyer.

But, what I'm about to tell you about potatoes today, goes against everything you thought you ever knew about them.
Hear me out and you'll be grateful you did!

It's time you claim one of those lonely potato bags! Here's why…

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If you have health problems, add potatoes back into your diet and see what happens!

Now, you know that potatoes are full of starch, right? But it’s the type of starch in them that’s the key to good health.

The secret to potatoes’ health benefits is it contains something called resistant 
starch. And it’s what makes them so good for your gut that helps with the bloating and cramping, and even weight and cholesterol issues.

This resistant starch feeds the good bacterial colonies living in your intestines and it keeps them healthy and flourishing. When they’re happy, they’re able to keep your digestion working as it should, and it can take away the bloating, cramps and digestive issues you feel after you eat.

These happy bacteria also play a role in weight loss, cholesterol levels and other health issues. Because they improve your digestive function, your body can use the nutrients in food more optimally to perform all its essential functions.

But there is a trick to actually getting resistant starch in potatoes…

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The best way to eat potatoes for healthy digestion and to conquer weight and cholesterol issues

When you cook potatoes, it changes their resistant starch into normal starch. And so it’s not just a case of eating freshly cooked potatoes to reap all their health benefits.

Instead, add a thick slice of raw potato to your smoothies as its great way to benefit from their resistant starch unaffected by cooking. But eating bitter, raw potatoes might not appeal to you.

So there’s another, tastier way to do it.

And that’s by leaving your potatoes to cool completely after cooking, and then rewarm them before eating! It’s this cooling process that build up their resistant starch again.

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To your good health

Dr Craige Golding
Integrative Medical Specialist, Dr Golding's Natural Health Dossier

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Bloated? Stomach cramps? Weight and cholesterol issues? Add potatoes back into your diet!
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