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Beware: Stress can mess with your memory!

by , 02 October 2017
Beware: Stress can mess with your memory!
Everyone has had an experience like this when they've been really stressed...

You're running late for a very important meeting, frantically turning your house upside down in a desperate search for your car keys that you just put down somewhere but now cannot find.

Or on the other hand, you spent weeks stressing yourself out over a presentation only to have it go super-smoothly on the day. You see, stress can either make you go completely blank or perform brilliantly on simple tasks involving memory.

Keep reading to learn more about how stress can mess with your memory...

Stress can inhibit your brain’s ability to learn new things and remember old ones...

It’s a fact that stress can inhibit your brain’s ability to learn new things and remember old ones. As a result, you usually blank out. However, you can fix this.
Have you ever noticed that when you’re under pressure and are trying to remember something, you just can’t? But then the moment you “give up”, it pops into your mind? This happens because the part of your brain that’s trying to concentrate and get things done is also blocking access to all of your memories so you can focus.
For this reason, the best thing you can say when you’re trying to remember something is, “Oh well, I will think of it eventually,” and relax.


This "memory switch" boosts brain power in 60 minutes

Can you imagine being able to feel your memory improve in the time it takes to watch an episode of So You Think You Can Dance?

Now, neuro-researchers have discovered the secret to making it happen, effortlessly... accurately... and quickly. This memory-boosting power lies within a teeny, tiny nerve cell.

And all you have to do is "switch it on."

That's how easy it can be to help you recall the exact names, dates, places, details, and passcodes you need.

You'll be able to feel the difference in as little as 60 MINUTES.

Discover how to do it right here.


Keeping track of everything in your head creates extra pressure!

On a more practical level, keeping track of everything in your head creates extra pressure, which only makes things worse. Instead of diarising everything in your head, use a tracking system, whether it’s a diary, Outlook reminder or your mobile phone.
If it’s names that you’re bad with, simply explain to the person you’re speaking to that you’re not good with names and ask them to tell you theirs again. Then, repeat their name to yourself a few times and picture their face with their name.
If you suddenly can’t remember the name of someone you know, just give a warm, “Hello! Lovely to see you.” They probably won’t even notice.

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Beware: Stress can mess with your memory!
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