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Before you fill your antibiotics prescription, ask your doctor these four questions

by , 17 July 2014

So you've been feeling under the weather for a few days. You just can't get over the sniffles and cough no matter what you try.

You go to the doctor because you're concerned you've got something worse than just a common cold. But besides that, feeling ill is interfering with your work and home life.

What does your doctor say?

“Here's a course of antibiotics. Finish the course and you should get better soon.”

And while this might be true for your health in terms of how you're feeling right now, it might be detrimental in the long run. This because of the digestive issues antibiotics cause if you use them too often.

So before you wander off to the nearest pharmacy to fill your prescription, ask your doctor these four questions.

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Fixing the problem now might cause complications later

Because antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your system. This happens because it needs to get rid of the bacteria causing your current illness. But because of this, it can cause future digestive issues.
The bacteria in your gut don’t grow back and flourish to the capacity they were before you took the antibiotics. And the more this happens, the less healthy your gut and the more digestive issues you’ll have.
Ask your doctor:
1.    Whether there is any other choice to overcome your cold or the flu instead of taking antibiotics.
2.    If he could do a test to determine whether your infection is, in fact, bacterial (a viral infection doesn’t respond to antibiotics).
3.    If you should wait a while longer to see if your body will naturally get over the illness prior to starting the course of antibiotics.
4.    If he can add a prescription for a strong probiotic that you can take if there isn’t another option for taking antibiotics.
Bottom line: Don’t just take medication because your doctor tells you to. Make sure you’re not going to suffer from future digestive issues because you’re fixing your current health ones.

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Before you fill your antibiotics prescription, ask your doctor these four questions
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