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Beat the "energy crisis" inside you without the chemical fixes...

by , 20 March 2020
Beat the
The bottom line is nowadays, almost all of us are tired almost all of the time - it seems like there's a worldwide human “energy crisis”. It's really no wonder that so many of us sometimes turn to stimulants for a temporary boost.

But wouldn't it be nice to never need these things again - to feel naturally young, strong and vigorous once more? To have boundless “energy to burn” whatever you're doing - just like a child...

How to naturally energise your body and mind...

All it takes is a few of nature’s own powerhouses (and maybe a few minor lifestyle changes) to get you back into the vigorous form of your prime.

By properly nourishing every cell in your body with the essentials they need to produce abundant, whole-body energy the way nature designed them to do. That’s the difference between the “quick-fix” energy of harmful stimulants and real, lasting natural energy you feel all the time...

Nearly all of the following nutrients and natural substances either directly stimulate your body’s production of the neurotransmitters that are most vital to cellular energy...

Tyrosine (for alertness, mood and energy)
Found in protein and tryptophan-rich foods like turkey and other meats, this amino-acid based substance has been studied and tested by the US military as an enhancement for mental response and physical performance under stress.

In addition, it shows great promise to be able to enhance thyroid function and stimulate the release of energy-modulating thyroid hormone into the body, which in turn enhances full body energy. It has also been shown to boost production of energising neurotransmitters like adrenaline and dopamine.

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Rhodiola (for stimulation, mental sharpness and mood)
A legendary Asian root (often brewed into therapeutic teas) that grows in the wild as far north as the Artic Circle, rhodiola is a natural boon to levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain – and has been shown to increase energy and mental acuity. Used by Soviet athletes to enhance performance, this nat- ural wonder also helps stabalise mood and boost immunity.

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How to tell if you could be affected by Adrenal Fatigue

•    You feel tired or weak
•    You need coffee to get going in the mornings…
•    Your daily tasks feel like hard work… 
•    You feel like you’re not coping (it’s all too much)…
•    You struggle to concentrate and don’t finish tasks…
•    You feel irritable, anxious or depressed
•    Get headaches
•    Reduced interest in sex…

Feeling run down and drained all the time doesn’t have to be your normal state-of-being. 

Unfortunately, it is for millions of people – all over the world – who just can’t seem to keep up anymore.

And there’s a very good explanation for this…

Researchers at numerous institutions, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins and Stanford University identified that certain chemicals flick the ‘age switch’ on in people over 50, forcing them to slow down.

These chemicals gradually build up in your bloodstream over time as you age.

Until one day the switch finally flicks causing your metabolism to drag along at snail’s pace, dropping your oxygen levels and dipping your hormones until they’re practically undetectable.  

But it doesn't have to be that way!
The answer to restoring your youthful energy is as easy as 1-2-3… Full details here…


Trimethylglycine, or TMG (for heart protection and energy)4
One of my favourite “secrets” for natural energy, TMG is found in beets, spinach, broccoli and other brassica vegetables. This naturally occurring substance is crucial for both heart health and neurotransmitter production because it converts homocysteine – a substance produced by the body that is best kept at low levels – into an energy enhancer called methylglycine.

Magnesium (for energy generation and mental acuity)
Vital for your brainpower and overall health (especially your heart), this common mineral is an essential cofactor in the production of neurotransmitters. And I’ve found that in its aspartate (chelated) form, magnesium is much easier for your body to absorb and put to work than other forms.

B Vitamins (for neurotransmitter production and overall health)
All essential cofactors in neurotransmitter production, the five B vitamins I’ve been recommending for years for energy – niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, B6 and B12 – also give you countless healthy benefits above and beyond restoring energy levels and alertness.

Found in protein-rich meats and eggs, the B’s are strangely lacking in most people’s diets.

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Beat the "energy crisis" inside you without the chemical fixes...
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