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Beat kidney problems by changing your diet, says Livestrong.com

by , 17 June 2014

Looking after your kidneys is an essential part of your everyday health. This because your kidneys have a huge responsibility you may have never considered.

They flush out toxins, ensure the maximum absorption of the essential nutrients your body needs and make sure your water balance remains stable.

So when they're not able to do their job effectively because they don't have your support, you can just imagine the havoc that goes on with your health.

· Toxins stay in your system
· You don't get enough nutrients
· Your blood pressure goes haywire, which has an effect on your heart health

That's why it's so important to look after your kidneys. And the best way to keep kidney problems from developing is by keeping your diet healthy.

Here are three foods to add to your diet to keep your kidneys happy...

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Don’t let kidney problems be part of your future health 

#1. Water: Your kidneys need water to stay healthy. Water brings all the nutrients and waste to your kidneys. It keeps the waste diluted it doesn’t harm your kidneys.
Drink at least eight glasses of water every day!
#2. Cranberry juice: Unsweetened cranberry juice is great for your kidneys. A compound in cranberries reduces the risk of calcium stones forming.
Remember, it must be unsweetened juice as sugary drinks can have the opposite effect.
#3. Citrus juice: In the same way that cranberry juice does, citrus juice like orange and lemon juices help prevent kidney stones forming.
Always drink these juices in their most natural form without added sugar.
Don’t let your kidneys down, they need your support to keep your overall health in top shape! Keep kidney problems at bay just by adding these delicious foods to your diet. 

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Beat kidney problems by changing your diet, says Livestrong.com
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