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Avoid a bedroom flop! Here are three home remedies for ED

by , 07 January 2015

Not only is it embarrassing for you when you're ready for action, but it can be so embarrassing you don't even want to talk to your doctor about it.

But you're making a mistake.

This because the cause of your erectile dysfunction (ED) could be something that's easy to treat. And this means you don't have to live your life worrying about bedroom flops!

So make an appointment with your doctor today and chat about your treatment options and these home remedies for ED.

Three home remedies for ED that can save you living your life suffering from embarrassment

#1. Sexual freedom is a walk in the park
Did you know that walking is one of the greatest home remedies for ED?get help for erectile dysfunction to improve your sex life
It’s true.
A study performed by researchers from the University of Naples in Italy, found that men who walked around three kilometres every day had far lower risk of ED than men who were sedentary.
But it’s not about doing the 3km in one go. Researchers said even walking to your colleague’s desk instead of emailing them or phoning them was a means to improve sexual health!
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#2. Exercise your “junk”
You have to keep your jewels moving and active to keep them healthy and strong.
But don’t just think sex! Think general exercise.
A study by English researchers found that men who do regular pelvic exercises have a much lower risk of ED than men who never exercise their nether regions.
In fact, an article posted by Wiley Online concluded that pelvic exercises can be a first line and long term approach to erectile dysfunction.
So, try these kegel exercises as one of the best home remedies for ED.
#3. Up your amino acid intake
One of the most common causes of ED is narrowing of your blood vessels. But a natural amino acid found in your body helps make nitric oxide. This opens your blood vessels and allows blood flow to where you need it most.
Researchers said a whopping 30% of their patients who increased their L-arginine intake reverse their male impotence symptoms.
You can get L-arginine from beef, pork, poultry and fish, says Livestrong.com. But you can also easily take it in supplement form.
As you can see, home remedies for ED are low risk and easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. Don’t hesitate to speak to your doctor about the cause of your ED. It’s easier to have an awkward conversation with him about your problems that live with the risk of bedroom flops for the rest of your life!
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Avoid a bedroom flop! Here are three home remedies for ED
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