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As if you needed another reason to drink coffee…

by , 21 August 2014

If the first thing you do in the morning before you can even string a sentence together is to have a cup of coffee, you're in luck.

While you might be over the guilt that drinking coffee is a bad habit, you're still not 100% sure how good it is for you.

But trust us when we say there's a long list of health benefits in the caffeine in your coffee.

One thing you may not have known about caffeine is how it'll help your ears.

It's true, caffeine can help ease the symptoms you experience as a result of tinnitus!

And recent research shows just how effective it is...

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Use caffeine as a natural treatment for tinnitus

The study appeared in the latest copy of The American Journal of Medicine and involved 65,085 women between the ages of 30 and 34.
The study began 18 years ago where researchers made sure none of the women had signs of tinnitus. And what they did was record their use of caffeinated products including fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and chocolate.
When the study came to an end, 5,289 of the women had the disease.
The women who drank more than the equivalent of four cups of coffee a day had a 21% decrease in their risk of developing tinnitus. And women who drank between three and four cups had a 15% lower risk.
Lead author of the study, Dr Glickman, said caffeine isn't a cure for tinnitus, but the results of the study provide hope that it can keep you from developing it. Even if it's a 21% lower risk it's safe to drink coffee in an attempt to do just that.

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As if you needed another reason to drink coffee…
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