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Are you still taking heartburn meds?

by , 26 April 2021
Are you still taking heartburn meds?
Acid-suppressing meds, known as proton pump inhibitors, may bring you temporary relief from heartburn, but they've been linked to a number of health issues, like heart and kidney disease.

And the longer you take them, the higher the risks.

But a recent study has shown these meds could also raise your risk of getting infected with Covid.

Why stomach acid isn't always the enemy... 

Heartburn meds suppress the stomach's ability to produce acid. 

This sounds great when you know what heartburn feels like...

But stopping the burning is not as simple as we'd like it to be.  

It effectively diminishes the body's barrier to infection.

And this leaves you more susceptible to a number of issues:

* Malnutrition (yes, that's right - your body can't absorb the nutrients from the food you eat that well anymore) 

* Food poisoning

* Osteoporosis

* Heart problems

* Kidney problems

* Liver problems

* And, even the coronovirus...

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What this study highlighted...

When the researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre analysed the data from a major survey, they found that people who used proton pump inhibitors to treat heartburn were between two and almost four times more at risk of getting infected with Covid than people not taking these meds.

If you're taking proton pump inhibitors for heartburn, speak to your doctor about the possibility of changing over to H2 blockers. 

Also - just double-check that your problem is not actually low stomach acid! Surprised? Read here to find out more about these confusing symptoms.

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Are you still taking heartburn meds?
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