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Are you getting man boobs? Here's why and how to reduce them...

by , 31 July 2019
Are you getting man boobs? Here's why and how to reduce them...
Man boobs can be embarrassing at best. But, apart from that, they're actually your body's way of telling you something isn't right.

And that something turns out to be your hormones. Too much testosterone or too little causes breasts to grow in men.

Find out below what causes this and how to reduce them...

4 Reasons your testosterone levels could be out of whack


When you put on excess weight, your fat tissues produce a hormone called leptin. The more fat tissue you have, the more leptin in your blood stream. And that's when things go wrong.

It leads to leptin resistance which tricks your brain into thinking it's starving... which causes your body to store more fat... and it becomes a vicious cycle.

The other casualties of this problem include low libido. That's because your brain sends a signal to tell your body it's not a good time to be making babies. And, this ultimately leads to a slowdown of testosterone production - which could sway your oestrogen levels higher, and that's when you develop man boobs. 

To resolve this issue, you need to lose weight - but because of the vicious cycle involving leptin and other hormones, this is easir said than done. That's why you should consider taking a natural formula that can help restore balance so that you can lose weight more easily. 

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Hair loss, prostate and other pharmaceutical drugs

You'd be surprised how many pharmaceutical drugs list man boobs (techncially known as gynecomastia) as a side effect. The most common ones include finasteride for hair loss and BPH, the diuretic spironalactone and even heartburn drugs containing cimetidine. Read the package inserts of the medications you're on to see if they could be causing your man boobs.

Use a quality natural formula to reduce swelling of the prostate. These are designed to stop a process called aromatase, which converts too much testosterone into oestrogen. 

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After the age of about 45, your body makes less testosterone. This causes a hormone imbalance.

To increase testosterone naturally, exercise daily, reduce stress, follow a well balanced diet including protein, fat and carbs, get 7-8 hours of quality sleep and get some sun so your body makes enough vitamin D. 

Oestrogens in the environment and products

Lavendar oil and men's grooming products containing phthalates reduce testosterone production in the body. There are also more than 60 substances, including dioxin, DDT and PCB that have been identified as environmental oestrogens.

If you use a product daily, or regularly, research the ingredients on the label to make sure you're not being robbed of your manhood. Also, where possible, use natural products.

Other reasons

There are other reasons besides these that can reduce or alter testosterone production in your body, including liver or kidney disease, cancer, hormonal treatment and steroids. 

If you're unsure why you've developed man boobs - see your doctor for a check up to eliminate any potentially serious condition. 

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Are you getting man boobs? Here's why and how to reduce them...
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