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Are you ageing prematurely? Here's how to tell AND slow it down!

by , 27 February 2020
Are you ageing prematurely? Here's how to tell AND slow it down!
We all know someone who's 80 and looks 50 and someone who's 50 and acts 80... But what about you?

Do you look and feel older than you are?

Find out below four signs that you may be ageing prematurely and how to slow it down...

Four signs you're ageing prematurely...

Sign #1: Premature greying and hair loss

If you're getting more greys than your friends your age and your hair is thinning out - it's a sure sign you're ageing too fast.

Sign #2: Becoming weaker

If you feel significantly weaker than you used to - it's also a sign you're ageing too fast. Loss of muscle mass is one of the major symptoms to look out for. 

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Sign #3: Slow healing

Do you take longer to recover from injuries, even small cuts and bruises? Does the common cold knock you into submission for days? This is a sign that your body isn't coping as well as it used to with its normal day-to-day functions - and this impacts anything more it has to deal with - like injuries.

Sign #4: Do you see more wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the body's outer sign that you're ageing - so if you have considerably more wrinkles than you remember, and your friends seem to have less - you know you're ageing too fast.

But don't despair - keep reading to find out how to slow premature ageing...

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Feeling run down and drained all the time doesn’t have to be your normal state-of-being. 

Unfortunately, it is for millions of people – all over the world – who just can’t seem to keep up anymore.

And there’s a very good explanation for this…

Researchers at numerous institutions, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins and Stanford University identified that certain chemicals flick the ‘age switch’ on in people over 50, forcing them to slow down.

These chemicals gradually build up in your bloodstream over time as you age.

Until one day the switch finally flicks causing your metabolism to drag along at snail’s pace, dropping your oxygen levels and dipping your hormones until they’re practically undetectable.  

But it doesn't have to be that way!
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Address these points to slow down ageing...

Replace lost essential vitamins and minerals

As you get older, your body absorbs less nutrients through the digestive process. This means that relying just on food to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs (and it needs more than it used to in your younger days) is a bad idea. Take a quality multivitamin designed for your age.

Detox naturally

Take an antioxidant supplement taht helps your body get rid of toxins that build up and could snowball into premature ageing. Good antioxidants include at least 1000mg of vitamin C per day, resveratrol, astaxanthin and L-glutathione.

Exercise daily

Even if you go for a walk every day - or a run, or cycle - do 20-30 minutes of exercise per day. This is one of the best activities to get your circulation going, help you sleep better, beat the blues and feel and look younger!

Ditch the sugar and refined carbs

This won't just help you look trimmer and feel more energised - you will also manage your blood sugar better which will slow ageing down considerably. 

Try these tips to slow down ageing and feel younger!

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Are you ageing prematurely? Here's how to tell AND slow it down!
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