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Are bladder infections like herpes?

by , 06 June 2014

So many of my friends have told me that once you have a bladder infection, you always have a bladder infection! Yikes…

This infection can be persistently difficult to deal with…

Clearly we're up against some very clever E.coli!

But is it possible to naturally fight bladder infections?

Read on to find out how to knock this infection…


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We’ll start with why this infection is so persistent
When the E.coli bacteria invades the bladder. They penetrate a protective coating of the superficial cells that line the bladder.
Once the bacteria begins to multiply in the bladder lining, they form pod structures that are protected by the cell coating.
In a study from Washington University, researchers found that after an infection was treated with antibiotics, pods that survived the treatment soon released bacteria to begin a new infection. 

This is one reason why many successful bladder treatments are followed by reoccurring infections.
So what is an effective way to beat a bladder infection?
In an issue of Nutrition and Healing, Jonathan V. Wright M.D, showed that 90% of bladder infections were cleared up by the use of D-mannose.
The D-mannose, has the ability to detach E.coli from the wall of the bladder without upsetting the balance of the friendly bacteria necessary for good health.  
After being loosened from the bladder walls, the bacteria is rinsed away by normal urination. And the infection is gone.
Cranberry without the cocktail
Cranberry juice is rich in D-mannose
A natural simple sugar, so very little of it is metabolized by the body. Large doses are washed away in the urine, and the amount not excreted into the urine is so small that they don’t affect blood sugar levels.
D-mannose is available from your health shop.
Your bladder infection can be eliminated with ½ to 1 teaspoonful of D-mannose, dissolved in water taken every 2 to 3 hours for a week to be certain the infection is completely wash out.
So cheers to your bladder infection!
No more antiobotics….no more bladder infections.
Such exciting news, I can’t wait to let my girlfriends know…

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