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Any of these 5 medications could be worsening your prostate woes...

by , 19 August 2019
Any of these 5 medications could be worsening your prostate woes...
As many as 50% of men over 60 experience a swollen prostate, and the stats get worse the older you get.

Needing to pee urgently and frequently can have a dramatic effect on your quality of life...

You can't get through one night without getting up to pee - sometimes more than once or twice...

And, something as simple as a long car or plane ride can be stressful because there's no telling when you will need to get up again to go to the loo - seatbelt signs lit up or not!

You know it all started due to your body undergoing hormonal changes - but did you know that certain medications can worsen BPH symptoms too?

They could be the reason you feel like you're swimming upstream even though you're taking a good natural formula for the relief of your BPH symptoms.

Find out more below...

5 Medications you didn't suspect could be making your BPH symptoms worse!

Diuretics prevent water retention - pulling excess volumes out of your body. Water retention is a symptom of heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease and glaucoma. Diuretics by design will make you pee more often - adding to your urinary frustrations.

A certain type of antidepressants, called tricyclic, reduce bladder muscle contractions - resulting in urinary retention. Because you never really fully empty out your bladder, you have to pee more often. 

Some antihistamines have this same effect on the bladder muscles - which could be why your urine comes out in trickling drips while you feel like your bladder is full. 

Decongestants, often taken for flu and colds, tighten the muscles in the prostate and bladder. This affects the flow of urine out of the body - leading to urinary retention, dribbling, and a whole lot of frustration!

Some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), often used to treat joint pain and auto-immune conditions, can increase urinary retention.

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Check the inserts of your medications and know the side effects that come with each one. 

Then speak to your doctor about an alternative to any of these medications if your BPH symptoms are affecting your quality of life. 

And, remember, you don't have to take pharmaceutical drugs for your BPH symptoms - these have a whole new list of side effects that you would need to deal with - the latest one being a 30% increase in the risk of getting diabetes

There are natural formulas that have been working for thousands of men for years. Read more about Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus here...

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Any of these 5 medications could be worsening your prostate woes...
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