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Almond oil: The solution for hair loss you didn't know about

by , 22 August 2017
Almond oil: The solution for hair loss you didn't know about
If your goal is to achieve, healthy, luxurious hair, look no further than almond oil - a carrier oil with a rich, deep history that's been a time-honoured natural herbal remedy!

Almond oil is a secret solution for hair loss - not many people know that when mixed with an essential oil such as sandalwood or castor oil, it can prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Keep reading to learn more about almond oil as a solution for hair loss.

Almond oil was first discovered as solution for hair loss in ancient Egypt

The first evidence of the use of almond oil as a solution for hair loss comes from ancient Egypt. The Egyptians mixed almond oil with castor oil to improve castor oil’s smell and texture. They applied the mixture to the scalp and left it on for a set amount of time. This mixture was said to cure baldness and speed up hair growth.
The Egyptians also noticed that almond oil promoted a silky texture and bright sheen. They were obsessed with physical appearance, after all!


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Almond oil still exists as a solution for hair loss in today’s society

There are still many recipes touting almond oil’s hair growth benefits. These recipes combine almond oil with ingredients like egg yolk, jojoba and lavender oil. Applying these mixtures and massaging them into your scalp is said to stimulate hair follicles. The herbs and vegetables are said to provide nutrients to your hair and promote hair growth.
The theory is that almonds are a top source of protein and since your hair is primarily made of protein, almond oil adds to your hair’s normal growth pattern. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Try this simple almond oil recipe!

The simplest almond oil recipe calls for equal parts of almond and castor oil. Simply apply the mixture to your scalp, massage it in and then leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. Finish by washing your hair with a mild shampoo and then towel-drying it.
Have you tried almond oil as a solution for hair loss? 

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Almond oil: The solution for hair loss you didn't know about
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