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A surprising natural food allergy remedy

by , 23 October 2015

In 1831, the distinguished Professor Touery stood in front of his colleagues at the French Academy of Medicine and drank a dose of strychnine that was several times the amount considered lethal.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, Professor Touery didn't have any ill intentions. Nor did anyone wish him harm.

So then why was he drinking this poison?!

You see, he drank this poison in order to demonstrate to his colleagues that the powerful effect that activated charcoal has in binding toxins and removing them from your body. The professor survived his demonstration unharmed.

You might've read my post earlier this month that explained how activated charcoal can be an anti-ageing remedy. Today, I'm going to explain how it's also a natural food allergy remedy. Read on to find out more.

A bit of background on activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is highly adsorbent (not to be confused with absorbent). This means that other substances bind well to its surface.
Because of its powerful adsorption, many people use activated charcoal as a remedy for conditions like heartburn, indigestion, colic, tooth pain and bug bites.
One lesser known use for activated charcoal is helping with reactions from food allergies. 

How activated charcoal can reduce symptoms of food allergies

Activated charcoal binds offending proteins in food that your body can’t break down. For example: Gluten, dairy, egg, peanut, soy and other allergens.
When the protein is bound to the charcoal, it’s whisked out of your digestive tract rather than remaining in your body and causing discomfort. Therefore, it helps reduce or alleviate food allergy symptoms.
This treatment works really well for people who have primarily digestive symptoms when reacting to a food allergen. Individuals who have anaphylactic allergies shouldn’t rely on this remedy.
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What you need to know about taking activated charcoal

If you suffer from food allergies and accidentally eat a food you’re allergic to, it’s best to take activated charcoal as soon as you know you’ve ingested the allergen. Don’t wait for symptoms to appear!
The sooner you take the charcoal, the more effective the treatment will be.
Regarding dosage, a general guideline is to take 500 mg to 1040 mg of activated charcoal with water up to four times per day – or as needed. Make sure you always take it with plenty of water as one side effect it can lead to is dehydration.
Watch out not to take activated charcoal regularly though – it binds everything, not just toxins, so regular use isn’t good for your body. 

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A surprising natural food allergy remedy
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