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5 Ways to STOP stressing!

by , 15 November 2019
5 Ways to STOP stressing!
Stress. It's everywhere. You can't get rid of it no matter how much you try. Sometimes, trying to stop stress is stressful in itself.

But what you can do is stop stressing - in other words, control stress so that it loses its hold on you!

Why you need to stop stressing...  

Stress is a real killer. It doesn't just make you feel all frazzled and out of control. It has physiological consequences too.

Depression: Chronic depression is a symptom of stress. It shrinks the hippocampus - the part of the brain that controls emotions, learning, and memory. It also interferes with hormone production, affecting mood, and your overall health.

Heart disease: Chronic stress leads to low grade inflammtion in the body - which causes damage to blood vessels, which eventually become blocked due to calcification. This increases your risk of heart attack and stroke. 

Alzheimer’s Disease: Stress increases amyloid beta and tau protein levels in the brain, associated with Alzheimer’s.

Cancer: Low-grade inflammation in the body has also been associated with cancer. It reduces the effects of the immune system and can lead to increased cell mutation. Research also shows that once cancer is present, stress can feed it. 

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Poor blood circulation weighs you down like a ton of bricks

When your blood pumps through your body properly, as it was designed to, you feel young, alive and healthy, no matter how busy you are… Each night, you go to bed and your cells rejuvenate, and you’re up like a kid on his birthday the next morning… Every morning!

 …Just like the Sherpas do. They thrive on Mount Everest, despite the lack of oxygen and the harsh conditions of the high altitude in which even plant-life ceases to exist!

But if you’re reading this right now, chances are, your blood circulation is weighing you down and keeping you from the things and people you love.

The thick and sludgy blood crawling through your veins resembles an engine that hasn’t had an oil change in years… It causes your reactions to slow down, your movements become laboured, and you start sputtering and choking every time you have to get over another one of life’s hills.

But it’s not your fault – and it doesn’t have to be this way forever…

In just 20 seconds per day, you could… Turn your body into a super powerhouse!

How to stop stressing...  

The first step to stop stressing is to stop trying to get rid of stress - it's not going to go away. What needs to happen though is a change of attitude towards stress. Know that it's there, accept that it's normal, and work on minimising its effects on your body. Here's how:

Exercise: This is one of the most powerful ways to manage stress. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins which give you a feeling of being in control and helps you cope with things that would otherwise stress you out. 

Eat healthy and keep hydrated: This really is a no-brainer. It's a basic requirement for a healthy body and mind. When you support your body by giving it the nutrients it needs, it de-stresses itself at cellular level.  

Reteach yourself to breathe: In our rushed existences, we've really forgotten how to breathe properly. Consciously slow your breathing down and take deeper breaths - that extend and retract your diaphragm. 

Get organised: There is no point feeling stressed when you've left everything for the last minute or haven't planned properly. Learn to think ahead, and then work out what you need to do, by when, to accomplish the task in a calm fashion.

Spoil yourself: The act of spoiling yourself, in itself is hugely gratifying - it tells your brain you are worthy. Enjoy a relaxing massage, soak in a bubble bath, watch a comedy, go on holiday - do as many things as possible that help you relax.

If you don't control stress, it will control you. Think of it as a chess game and figure out how to trap stress in a corner - by making small, smart moves on the big board of life. 

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5 Ways to STOP stressing!
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