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5 Ways to reduce ED...

by , 05 October 2018
5 Ways to reduce ED...
You can't workout the way you did in your 20s, or run as fast, or even think as clearly as you did back then when you got little sleep. It's obvious then, that your sex life won't be as wild as it was back then too.

That doesn't mean you can't stay in the game though.

Use the tips below from Harvard Medical School to reawaken your libido and reduce the effects of ED.

5 Tips to reduce the effects of ED from Harvard...

Go for walks: A Harvard study showed that walking for just 30 minutes per day, slashed the risk of ED by 41%. If you don't like walking, swim, dance, cycle or do another form of exercise you enjoy. Your body will love you for it, as will your wife!
Watch what you eat: The Massachusetts Male Ageing Study showed that following a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains and fish — while avoiding processed foods and red meat — decreased the likelihood of ED.

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Look afte your heart: Damage to arteries due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high blood sugar, can lead to ED. causing ED). Get a medical check up and get treatment for any of the numbers that are outside the normal range.  

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Lose weight: Harvard Medical School explains that a man with a waistline of 107cm is 50% more likely to suffer from ED than someone with an 81cm waistline. 

Do Kegel exercises: Strong pelvic floor muscles encourage rigid erections and help keep blood from draining from the penis by pressing on the cavernosal vein. In an English study, three months Kegel exercises, twice a day, reduced ED.

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5 Ways to reduce ED...
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