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5 Sex tips that will make your jaw drop!

by , 02 June 2020
5 Sex tips that will make your jaw drop!
It's June and the past couple of months have been pretty gloom. But today I found some sex tips for you that will lighten any mood!

Take a look below - and try these out tonight - I think you're in for some pleasant surprises :)

5 Sex tips that will leave you feeling sexier and friskier...

Two Tantric shortcuts for heightened sexual pleasure

These mystical sex tips come from the Tantra tradition of ancient India:

● Next time you make love, keep the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, towards the front.

● Also, try and breathe deeply as you approach orgasm. If you can relax into your experience, it will be much more intense and enjoyable.

Women! Heighten your partner’s sexual ecstasy

Put two drops of water-based lubricant inside the tip of the condom. KY-Jelly is perfect. The condom will rub more against his penis during sex, causing increased stimulation and pleasure. Careful though – three drops or more can cause slippage.

Men! Why you should have sex twice a week or more

Having two orgasms a week is a health plus for men. The British Medical Association did a ten-year study. It showed men having an orgasm less than once a month had double the death rate of those having orgasms twice a week.

This is because at orgasm the level of the hormone DHEA increases in response to ejaculation and this hormone helps boost the immune system and acts as an antidepressant.

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Try this herb for stronger, firmer erections

Ginger has a great reputation as a love tonic. Hot, mixed green and black tea with plenty of crystallised ginger root is a medieval romantic remedy.

Take stronger-tasting ginger the easy way – sprinkle it on a refreshing fruit salad. This stimulant thins blood and encourages prolonged and firmer erections.

How to have a larger penis… just when it matters most

Does size really matter? Not if a woman is fully aroused before sex. Women experience most sexual pleasure in their clitoris and the first couple of centimetres of the vagina. If your partner’s vagina is aroused through foreplay, the blood vessels around it become engorged and sensitive – making your penis feel bigger to her.

To your health AND happiness!

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5 Sex tips that will make your jaw drop!
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