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4 Things you MUST do if you struggle to fall asleep...

by , 09 July 2018
4 Things you MUST do if you struggle to fall asleep...
Do you have difficulty shutting off your mind at night in bed? And, do your racing thoughts prevent you from falling asleep?

Then I'm sure you're all too aware of what follows when that happens. You can't sleep and then you start stressing because you can't sleep, which keeps you from falling asleep... It's all a vicious circle.

But there is good news... Keep reading for four things you MUST do to fall asleep easily - especially if you're anticipating a blue Monday or a difficult task ahead...

The secrets to falling asleep with ease...

Use reverse psychology
A study out of the University of Glasgow found that sleep-onset insomniacs who were told to lie in bed and try to stay awake with their eyes open fell asleep faster than those told to fall asleep.

Sleep is one of those things where the harder you try and the more you work at it, the less likely you are to succeed.

Check the temperature
Many people turn up the heat in winter, thinking they'll sleep better when they're warm, but that could be the very reason you're battling to fall asleep. The US National Sleep Foundation recommends a bedroom temperature of about 18 degrees, dark and comfortable, for the most sleep-friendly conditions.

Keep reading...

Did you know there's 1 simple trick you can do to fall asleep in as little as 6 minutes - every night?

You can literally fall asleep in as little as 6 minutes every time you do it.

This sleep 'miracle' was uncovered by one world-renowned doctor.

And now, he's making it his mission to spread the word:

Do THIS trick before bed and fall asleep in as little as 6 minutes.


Wear socks to bed
While a toasty room could keep you up at night, cold feet and hands could do the same. Wear comfortable socks to bed for a good night's rest. 
Smell lavender
In a study out of Wesleyan University, researchers found that participants who sniffed lavender oil for two minutes at three, 10-minute intervals before bedtime, increased their amount of deep sleep and felt more vigorous in the morning.

Instead of sniffing lavender though, you could scent your room with this aroma so that it's there all the time at night when you want to get some shut-eye and feel rested in the morning. 

Sleep tight!

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4 Things you MUST do if you struggle to fall asleep...
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