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4 Chemicals in every day products that are stealing your sex drive...

by , 01 August 2018
4 Chemicals in every day products that are stealing your sex drive...
Wondering why you're just not as switched 'on' as you used to be in the bedroom?

You've been blaming your stressful job, relationship issues or your medication...

But did you know many every day products you use are affecting your hormones?

Read on to find out which five are the most concerning (I thin you'll be surprised!)...

Stay away from these products to restore a healthy sex drive...

The Environmental Working Group is an organisation that advocates against the use of toxic chemicals. It has listed the following four chemicals as some of the worst for your endocrine system, which could be dramatically messing with your libido.

1. Bisphenol A (BPA): Plastic containers that store food and water bottles, the lining of food cans, bottle tops and some dental fillings contain BPA. It's been linked to hormonal issues and affect the prostate gland - as well as your libido. Use glass or BPA-free plastic (watch out for recycle codes 3 and 7 unless they state BPA-free), ditch canned foods, and never microwave plastic.  

2. Dioxin: These chemicals are widely found in foods, and accumulate in animal fatty tissue, so when you eat red meat for instance, you're getting a dose of dioxin. But it's also in dairy products, fish and shellfish, and pesticide and herbicide treated veggies and fruits. They have been linked to lower sperm count and other reproductive system defects. Reduce your consumption of animal products and buy organic vegetables and fruits. Use unbleached coffee filters and avoid chlorine bleach.

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3. Atrazine: It's found in herbicides and can make its way into our drinking water.... This hormone disruptor has been linked to prostate inflammation and even tumours. Buy a high quality water filter.  
4. Phthalates: These are found in many plastic containers, raincoats, detergents, soaps, shampoos and nail polishes. Avoid plastic whenever possible as well as personal products that list 'fragrance' in the ingredients. 

Don't let these culprits mess with your hormones and kill your libido - weave them out of your life today.

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4 Chemicals in every day products that are stealing your sex drive...
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