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2 Vitamins for bleeding gums...

by , 20 April 2021
2 Vitamins for bleeding gums...
When you read about bleeding gums, usually the message is, "you haven't looked after your teeth well".

But there are other reasons for bleeding gums too...

One of these, for example, is if you take blood thinners.

Then, if you brush too hard, this too can make your gums bleed - and when brushing has become more of a habit than something you consciously do in the mornings and at night, it's easy to lose track of how hard you're brushing.

And then there's illness, like leukeamia and infection...

But there's one other reason that can be resolved with two vitamins...

You may be low on these two vitamins...
Vitamin K

This vitamin helps your blood clot (not too much and not too little), but sometimes you don't get enough of it. 

This can happen if you don't eat enough greens (veggies), or your body doesn't absorb nutrients from food well. Antibiotics, antacids and anti-seizure medications can also interfere with the absorption of this vitamin.

Liver disease also affects the storage of this vitamin. 

And, if you're ill or are receiving chemo or undergoing dialysis.

BREAKTHROUGH: This natural nutrient is proving to kill cancer stem cells!

Besides bleeding gums, you'll notice that you bruise easily, you may notice blood in your urine or feaces, or have excessive menstrual periods.

To increase your vitamin K levels, take a prebiotic to improve the gut flora in your intestines - as these help your body make vitamin K. 

You can also take a vitamin K2 supplement and remember to eat your greens!

Keep reading to find out about the other vitamin you may need to top up...

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And, preventing the regrowth of cancer stem cells.

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# Vitamin C

Bleeding gums are actually a common symptom of a vitamin C deficiency. 

About one in twenty people are deficient in this essential vitamin. 

To improve your vitamin C levels, eat more citrus fruits, peppers, strawberries, blackcurrants, broccoli and brussels sprouts.

Taking a prebiotic may also help improve your body's absorption rates - of all nutrients. 

And, you can take a vitamin C supplement.

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2 Vitamins for bleeding gums...
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