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2 Nutrients that stop muscle loss!

by , 19 September 2019
2 Nutrients that stop muscle loss!
When you hit your 40s, your body absorbs less protein and in turn, makes less muscle. You have to work harder at looking firm than you did in your younger days.

But, don't despair - a new study has shown that two natural nutrients could put a halt to muscle loss - even if you don't live at the gym 24/7!

More muscle, less food!
If your muscle is turning to flab, you'll be happy to know that a study, published by the International Journal of Molecular Science, found that taking curcumin over the long term could stop muscle loss. 

The amazing thing about this study on mice was that the group that was fed curcumin lost less muscle compared to the control group - while reducing their food intake. 

That's fantastic news for people wanting to lose weight - it means you don't have to bulk up by eating haf the fridge contents every day! 

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Fighting metabolic syndrome is key to keeping your muscles strong 

When you lose muscle to fat, your risk for metabolic syndrome increases. Metabolic syndrom is a group of health conditions, including muscle loss, high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and having a spare tyre around your waist. It leads to heart disease and other serious health issues.

It's a growing concern as already, more than 50% of adults over 60 are estimated to have metabolic syndrome. 

A recent study showed that taking omega-3 and curcumin together, can substantially reduce your risk of metabolic syndrome.

So, while exercise is important, take curcumin and omega 3 to help keep your muscles strong and stay helathy!

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2 Nutrients that stop muscle loss!
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