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Walking boosts happiness and reduces risk of death

by , 10 April 2018
Walking boosts happiness and reduces risk of death
If you don't already go for regular walks, whether it be to work, the supermarket or to visit your friends, it's about time you do!

Walking doesn't only help keep you fit, but also helps you maintain a healthy weight, boosts your happiness and reduces your risk of death. Read on to learn more…

Compelling reasons to add more steps into your daily life

Walking helps you maintain a healthy weight
A 2016 study found that people who drove for an hour or more per day had a 0.8 higher body mass index number, were up to 2.3 kg heavier and were 1.5 cm wider around the waist than those who spent 15 minutes or less per day in their car. The study team advises that any physical exercise is better than none at all and recommend adding simple exercises, such as walking into your life in an effort to maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity and all the health risks associated with it.


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Walking boosts your happiness
Even a minimal level of physical activity like walking can have a positive effect on your happiness, according a 2017 UK study. The large-scale looked at more than 10,000 people and found that even just walking around – which the researchers say couldn’t be classified as exercise – was enough physical activity to cause a spike in emotional wellbeing.
Walking reduces your risk of death
A study published earlier this year found that short bursts of exercise, such as walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, added up and counted towards reaching the recommended amount of physical activity each week. But there was a catch – the bursts of exercises had to be performed at a moderate-vigorous level of intensity. The researchers defined this as brisk walking at a pace that makes it difficult to carry a conversation.
Grab a friend or family member and make walking a part of your daily routine. Boosting your physical and emotional health couldn’t be simpler!
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Walking boosts happiness and reduces risk of death
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