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Three reasons you can't build up muscle even though you work out

by , 11 January 2018
Three reasons you can't build up muscle even though you work out
Are you working out to build up muscle but not seeing any results? We know how frustrating that can be!

After all, regularly hitting the gym or working out with a personal trainer is a big commitment in terms of time and money. Before you start thinking that all your exercise efforts are for naught, listen up!

There are many mistakes that even some personal trainers make when it comes to exercises to build up muscle - here are three of them.

Three exercise mistakes that may be behind your inability to build up muscle

#1: You aren’t eating enough carbs before your workouts
It’s well-known that protein is an essential nutrient for building up muscle – but it isn’t the only one. A big part of Maria-Paula Carillo’s, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Texas in the United States, job is to remind her clients that in order to build up muscle, focusing on protein alone isn’t going to help. She explains: “There's a good chance you won't get sufficient carbohydrate intake, which is essential when you're trying to build muscle.”
Eating carbs before your workouts will give you the energy you need to train hard and actually build up muscle. As a bonus, they’ll help you rebuild muscle tissue.


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#2: You’re overdoing it on the treadmill
Sure, cardiovascular exercise like running, cycling and swimming is great for getting your heart rate up. However, overdoing it can actually burn hard-earned muscle tissue! Personal trainer Katy Fraggos suggests cutting back to no more than two cardio workouts per week if you’re struggling to build up muscle. “It seems counterintuitive, but this can really help speed up your results,” she says.
#3: You perform the same workout routine every day
Are you doing the same lunges and chest presses every day? Performing the same routine day after day can result in hitting a plateau in your training, warns Brandon Mentore, a strength and condition coach and sports nutritionist based in Philadelphia in the United States. “You have to vary the stimulus to trigger muscle growth – and the best way to do that is with different exercises, angles and loads,” he says.
Follow these professional workout tips and in no time, you’ll start to build up muscle!

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Three reasons you can't build up muscle even though you work out
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