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Lace up those gym shoes! It's the best way to relieve back pain

by , 27 March 2014

Exercise is a great way to relieve back pain, and it works better than any medication, say experts. So, instead of popping another pill to cope with your back pain, lace up your gym shoes and get some exercise! Read on to discover how you can effectively relieve your back pain through exercise…

Millions of people suffer from back pain and it’s putting strain on the healthcare system

80% of adults will experience some form of back pain in their life, says backcare.org.uk. No matter what the cause of your is, there’s a natural solution to help you find relief.
With the exorbitant numbers of people living with back pain, there’s an exorbitant amount of pressure put on the healthcare system. And it’s not only hospitals and doctors rooms that fill up with people seeking treatment for relief of back pain. There’s also a growing need for better medication to treat back pain.
But these medications aren’t without nasty side effects!
So instead of relying on chemicals to relieve your back pain, why not try a natural alternative?

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Relieve back pain without popping a single pill
Harvard Health researchers went through more than 300 medical trials. All these trials involved patients who suffer from back pain and what their treatment was.
The results were overwhelming. Not only is exercise a healthy alternative to taking medications to relieve your back pain, it’s more effective than most medications.
You can save money on your medication bills and protect your overall health with this simple technique. Buy a foam roller from your local sporting goods supply store. Simple roll your back, butt, quads, hips and hamstring muscles over the roller on the floor twice a day.
Using your arms, pulls yourself slowly back and for over the foam roller for one or two minutes per muscle group. Depending on the muscles, the exercise should take you about ten minutes.
Don’t simply accept your fate of having to rely on pain medication for the rest of your life to relieve back pain. Speak to your doctor about using exercise as a natural treatment instead. 

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Lace up those gym shoes! It's the best way to relieve back pain
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