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If you suffer from liver problems, these four yoga poses can help you detox

by , 26 June 2014

Not only is exercise good to get your blood flowing and transporting all the toxins and waste products from your body, it's a way of really taking your general health up a notch.

Don't worry, you don't have to start running marathons or weight train like a professional. There's a much more simple way to get your blood flowing to help with your liver problems.

And it's by doing yoga.

That's right!

Yoga helps to detox your liver.

So add these four yoga poses to your daily exercise routine to help your liver function like it should.

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Take care of your liver problems with these four yoga poses

Move through these poses as fluidly as you can, breathing deeply in and out as you do so.
#1. Mountain pose: Stand with your feet together, chin slightly tilted towards to ceiling and your hands a few centimetres from your sides, palms facing forward.
#2. Upward facing hands: As you breathe in, move your hands towards the ceiling keeping your arms straight. Look up towards your hands and place your palms together.
#3. Standing fold: As you breathe out again lead your body forward with your hands. Keep your legs straight and bend forward at the waist until your hands are on the floor. Round your back with your head tucked towards your knees.
#4. Half-forward fold: Raise your head and look forward. Straighten your back and raise your torso slightly while you bend your knees. Raise your arms for balance. Hold for a few seconds and return to the fold.
Take your time through each of these poses and make sure you concentrate on your form and breathing. You should feel relaxed and energised and your liver will feel a lot happier too. 

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If you suffer from liver problems, these four yoga poses can help you detox
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