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Do this type of exercise to build body mass and tone up!

by , 08 June 2017
Do this type of exercise to build body mass and tone up!
Are you looking to build body mass and tone up? Then the one type of exercise you should be doing is resistance training!

Resistance training doesn't only help you achieve a killer physique - in fact, it has a range of health benefits that go way beyond what you see in the mirror…

According to Dr Jodi Richardson, an accredited exercise physiologist based in Melbourne, Australia, “Resistance training has a host of other benefits, including improved blood glucose control, increased muscle and connective tissue strength, improved posture, improved mental health, reduced risk of certain chronic diseases and better sleep.”

To learn more about how resistance training can help you build body mass, tone up and improve your overall health, keep reading.

Resistance training helps build body mass and maintain a healthy body composition

“To maintain a healthy body composition, I strongly encourage women to engage in resistance exercise two to three sessions per week so that they not only maintain but increase their muscle mass,” says Dr Richardson.
“Resistance exercise could be body weight exercise, lifting free weights or a combination of both,” she adds.
So how many times a week should you do resistance training to build body mass and maintain a healthy body composition? Dr Richardson explains that because your muscles naturally build themselves into stronger versions while you’re recovering rather than during your workouts, training all your muscle groups just once a week is enough to see changes while getting enough recovery time in.


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Endurance-based resistance training is best for improving muscle tone

Endurance-based or hypertrophy resistance training is the most efficient form of resistance training for improving your muscle tone because it’s taxing on your cardiovascular system, not to mention very easy to perform. The amount of muscle you gain goes hand in hand with how you adjust your loads so that your body is continuously challenged.
“The lifts should have good technique and you should feel the targeted muscle burn about halfway through the set. Protein intake is essential to muscle building as it’s the recovery source for the body,” says Scott Reynolds, a professional trainer based in Sydney, Australia.
“To continue stressing the muscle and so building tone, increase the weight by about three to five per cent, every one to two weeks,” he added.
Reynolds recommends doing four to six sets using weights between 75% and 80% of your one repetition maximum. He adds that your exercises should be a combination of isolation and compound styles with six to eight repetitions and 60 to 90 second breaks between sets.

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Do this type of exercise to build body mass and tone up!
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