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Your genes give you the diabetes switch, but it's your gut that flicks it on!

by , 23 September 2014

Amidst the obesity/diabetes epidemic, researchers are feverishly trying to find out what can be done to stop it from consuming the entire world.

And it's because of the exponentially increasing number of people with diabesity - a term coined to show the relationship between obesity and diabetes. Now, ongoing research has found a significant link between not only how, but why you develop diabetes.

They found that despite your genes, which cause you to have a higher risk of diabetes, you can still actively control whether you develop the disease or not.

Read on to find out how…

Your gut health plays an active part in your overall health, say experts

Dr Chris Kresser, a specialist in health and nutrition, says your genes predispose you to obesity and type 2 diabetes. But there’s a switch in your gut that you can flick on and off, which, in basic terms, means you can switch your risk of diabesity on and off too.
It all has to do with the integrity of your gut health and the membrane that serves as the barrier between whatever enters your gut via your mouth and what gets into your blood.
When your gut is healthy, only a selected few nutrients and compounds enter your blood for transport around your body.
It’s the specialised cells that line your gut that remain closely packed together to ensure this process remains so.
But when your gut takes a health knock, these cells become loose and they lose their ability to stay together.
This means the gaps between them are bigger and there’s less selection when it comes to the nutrients and compounds that enter your blood.
It literally becomes a free-for-all and it continues to get worse. That’s why diabetes and obesity develops…
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When your gut’s out of control, so is your health

Remember the actual cause of type 2 diabetes. It’s not the amount of sugar in your blood. It’s your cells’ lack of response to insulin.
And your gut connects to this because of the amount of inflammation that comes along with your body taking up too many of the wrong compounds into your blood.
This damages your cell’s ability to react to insulin and they become resistant to it.
That leaves the sugar floating around in your blood with nowhere to go.
It causes your pancreas to boost its insulin output to get the sugar into your cells, and this tires your pancreas out.
So not only does it slow down its insulin production, your cells don’t get the energy they need. And that’s the start of type 2 diabetes.
But because it’s something that goes wrong within your gut, it means you can control the “switch”.
Here’s how…
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Heal your leaky gut to keep diabetes out of your future

Taking care of your gut from the inside out is one of your biggest defences against diabetes, says Dr Mark Hyman, an advocate for healthy diets for healing chronic diseases.
He goes on to say, not only can you protect yourself from diabetes that way, you can literally reverse your condition too!
It all has to do with your diet and things you eat.
Cutting back on sugar and junk food and replacing them with healthy, wholesome foods keeps your gut integrity healthy. But it’s also about removing toxins from your body, like cutting back on taking pain medications, antibiotics and other items that harm your gut.
Bottom line: Consider everything you put in your mouth and how it can affect your gut. This way you’ll be able to keep your gut health in top shape and keep chronic illnesses like diabetes and obesity out of your future.

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Your genes give you the diabetes switch, but it's your gut that flicks it on!
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