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Your doctor didn't tell you your diabetes meds could cause a heart attack, did he?

by , 26 March 2015

When your doctor handed you the prescription for the meds to keep your blood sugar under control, you probably never even thought to question him about what they would actually do to your health.

But you should have.

That's because a new study by researchers from the University Health Network reveals your heart failure risk increases 14% when you take certain diabetes drugs. They found a DIRECT link between the drugs and your risk.

Read on below to find out more about the how this direct link puts your heart health at risk…

Warning: Your diabetes drugs are behind your weight gain and failing heart

During the University Health Network study, researchers looked into the medical history of over 95,000 patients taking part in clinical trials for diabetes drugs.
4% of them experienced heart failure during the study.
And worse, 10% of them had a heart attack or stroke as a direct result of the drug.
That’s 9,500 people who almost died from a pill designed to help them!
It’s all because the drugs make you gain weight.
Not around your hips and butt. Around your organs like your heart.
Why then are pharma companies still convincing your doctor to dish out these types of drugs that could kill you?
And why isn’t your doctor telling you about your risk?
We’re wondering that too.
And that’s why we’re here to tell you about the other options you have. Natural options that will really change your health for the better.
Here’s what you can do…

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Up until recently, type II diabetics thought they had no choice but to pay through the nose for prescription drugs. Side effects from these drugs include extreme weakness, muscle pain, trouble breathing and even heart arrhythmia.
But it doesn’t have to be this way…
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Lose weight… Eat clean… Exercise… It’ll save your life

1.    Lose weight
Losing weight is the most effective way to control your blood sugar, explains an article in Medical News Today.
It’s because your fatty tissue causes your body to increase its inflammatory response. And this has an enormous effect on increasing your insulin resistance.
When you lose weight, and you change your diet to increase anti-inflammatory foods, you can reverse your diabetes.
That’s why losing weight and eating clean go hand in hand…
2.    Eat the right foods
Dr Mercola suggests there’s no better way to reverse type 2 diabetes than with food.
He says it’s all about balancing your hormones naturally; and this is a far superior form of diabetes treatment than harmful drugs. And our very own Dr Golding agrees.
Changing your diet to reverse diabetes included eliminating processed, refined and high glycaemic foods from your diet.
Instead of eating these types of diabetes-causing foods, upgrade your diet to include moderate amounts of high quality protein like chicken and fish. And eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to fill your belly.
And what’s better to boost your weight loss than to exercise on top of following a healthy eating plan…
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·         Diabetes
·         Joint pain and arthritis
·         Heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol
·         Cancer
·         And so much more…
If you want to protect your joints, heal your heart, control your blood sugar, beat cancer, and save your memories from every day wear and tear, you’ve got to be there.
3.    Exercise regularly
While most experts say you need to include intense exercise into your diabetes reversal plan, it may be the one factor that makes you fail.
So, instead of forcing yourself to sweat it out in the gym, start slow and include something you enjoy as part of your daily activity.
Not only is this enough to get you moving, you’ll be more likely to stick to you fitness routine if you don’t see it as a chore.
The other aspects of keeping your blood sugar under control without drugs include:
·         Having your vitamin D levels checked and taking a supplement should you need to;
·         Getting enough good quality sleep every night;
·         Intermittent fasting; and
·         Taking a probiotic to boost your gut health.
Don’t rely on dangerous medications you don’t even know can kill you.
Going natural to control your blood sugar can save your life.
PS: Control diabetes in just weeks... and reduce your risk of a heart attack!
In Dr. Quillin’s – The Diabetes Improvement Program – you’ll discover more about his breakthrough diabetes treatment plan that goes straight to the underlying cause of the disease. Plus – on his programme, you could actually reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke… not increase it!
You’ll be shocked at just how simple it is to fight diabetes naturally…
PPS: If you haven’t received our free Defeat Diabetes in just 8 weeks yet, please accept this gift from us today and download your report here…
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