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You might be healthy, but if you do this one thing every day, you'll still develop type 2 diabetes…

by , 04 December 2014

Experts at the Harvard Health School of Public Health say an astonishing nine out of ten diabetes type 2 cases are preventable!

And it's not just eating healthy and getting enough exercise that lowers your risk.

It's what you do with your time that has a greater impact on whether you'll develop the debilitating disease or not.

In fact, even if you eat healthy and exercise but you still do this one thing, you might as well be eating sugar-laden foods that'll cause your diabetes.

Read on to find out what every day habit is leading you down the unhealthy path towards type 2 diabetes.

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Even if you exercise and eat well, you could develop diabetes

Research conducted by the Kansas State University found that men who exercise and eat healthy but sit for more than four hours a day, still have a high diabetes risk.
What’s scary, is they think they have their health on the right track, but the truth is they don’t. And they don’t even know it!
This means sitting for too long every day is an independent risk factor that causes type 2 diabetes.
And, just like smoking, if you stop, your risk drops significantly!
But what is it about sitting that causes your diabetes risk to soar?

Experts don’t know the reasons, but they have some theories…

The reason your body starts becoming more susceptible to chronic illness and disease from sitting is the stress it puts on you.
Now you may agree that sounds contradictory, because sitting isn’t stressful at all! But it’s the type of stress you can’t see that can kill you.
When you sit for too long, your muscles don’t move too much and your body has to work harder to bring sugar and energy to them. You see, if you were sleeping, it wouldn’t be a problem, but because your brain is alert your muscles can’t relax like they do when you sleep.
So the stress of sending energy to muscles and organs that aren’t working causes your body to go into a highly inflammatory state.
And that’s what leads to many chronic illnesses and disease like diabetes.
But again, just like smoking, it’s not that easy to simply stop sitting.
Luckily, sitting less every day and making sure you get up when you should, can lower your type 2 diabetes risk too.
Here are four suggestions on how to do just that…
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Four ways to stop sitting so much to lower your diabetes risk

1.    Get up and move about. You don’t need to exercise when you’re at the office, just getting up and moving is sufficient.
2.    Fiddle every time you sit down. The more you move while sitting, the less stress goes on within your body.
3.    Do some things standing. If you’re on the phone, stand next to your desk and speak. You can do the same thing if you need to read a printed document or paper too.
4.    Take the stairs, not the lift! Even if you just use the stairs in the morning when you’re fresh, it’s better than using the elevator or escalator every trip.
Making these simple changes to your lifestyle and getting even a little more movement every day can be just what your body needs to beat chronic illnesses like diabetes. 

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You might be healthy, but if you do this one thing every day, you'll still develop type 2 diabetes…
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