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You don't want to carry around a fat baby with a predisposition for type II diabetes, do you?

by , 12 May 2014

A puffy cheeked little angel is too cute, but when your baby starts looking more like a sumo-wrestler than a child, there's something wrong. Not only will a severely overweight child have possible physical developmental issues, he'll have health issues too. And severe ones at that! It'll put him at a huge risk of developing type II diabetes. But what do you do to prevent this?

Researchers say it has to do with an essential mineral being included into their diet from an early age.

Here's how to protect your baby from this debilitating disease.

Drive out a lifetime of toxins and feel like you’re 18 again! 

We're living with dozens of 21st century poisons. Recent studies have now proven:
•           The average glass of drinking water could have thousands of carcinogens in it...
•           Breast and stomach cancer have been traced to chemical oestrogens in our food...
•           Early senility may actually be caused by environmental chemicals...
These toxins can cause terrible headaches… or uncontrollable joint pain… Have you ever felt listless and sapped of energy? Or immobilised by colon cramps? Or even just tired and listless? Well, now there’s a unique way to flush out toxins and feel brand new again.

Prevent your baby from living a life with type II diabetes by including this mineral into their diet 

A study performed by researchers at the Children's National Medical Center analysed the risk of diabetes in overweight children with a family history of the disease. And specifically how one mineral played a role in lowering this risk.
Despite the children, aged five to nine years old, being predisposed to type II diabetes through genetics, none of them had diabetes at the time of the study. Of all the children involved, 40% were overweight and 20% obese.
The results were clear.
These showed that the children who had a high level of calcium in their diets not only had lower body mass indices (BMI), they had a lower risk of diabetes too.
And that’s why it’s essential for you to ensure your child gets enough calcium though their diet.

Say goodbye to heart problems, arthritis, cancer, diabetes and obesity!
The Mediterranean diet brings you more benefits than the ordinary weight loss diet! It causes miracles to happen inside your body! All you have to do is observe its principles.
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Calcium helps your child manage his weight and lowers his risk of type II diabetes 

Researchers indicate that children between the ages of four and eight need at least 1,000mg of calcium every day, while children between the ages of nine and 13 need 1,300mg.
Milk and cheese are the best sources of calcium for your child. Be sure to help them get their daily-recommended dose of calcium so they can control their weight and lower their risk of developing type II diabetes. 

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You don't want to carry around a fat baby with a predisposition for type II diabetes, do you?
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