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Yes, diabetics CAN eat sugar! Plus three other Type II diabetes myths busted

by , 20 January 2014

If you've ever eaten a small chocolate bar in front of your family only to have them look at you in shock because you can't possibly eat anything with sugar in it when you're a type II diabetic, listen up! Today, we're busting the myth that diabteics aren't allowed to eat sugar, and along with that, three others people think are true for type II diabetes.

Imagine not being able to eat any sugar at all just because you have type II diabetes… 
You’d have to live on vegetables only as fruit also contains sugar!
So where did the idea that diabetics can’t eat any sugar come from?
Probably because sugar is your problem in the first place, and the idea’s been twisted somewhat!
But this myth and three others relating to type II diabteics are just that myths! Here’s the truth all type II diabetics need to know…
Myth #1: If you’re a type II diabetic, sugar is an absolute no-no
Many people think this to be true! And it’s really nonsense. Yes, you need to eat a balanced diet, but also eat some sugars in moderation
So don’t let the fiction surrounding type II diabetes prevent you from eating a healthy, all round balance diet. 
Myth #2: Having type II diabetes isn’t a big deal
Another complete myth! 
Sure, you can live a happy life despite your type II diabetes, but in no uncertain terms is it a mild condition. 
If you don’t stick to a healthy and balanced diet and including frequent exercise, your condition can spiral out of control. Many people die because of other illnesses related to diabetes! 
The bottom line? Look after your health and make sure you’re making the effort to say healthy despite your disease.
Myth #3: Only fat people are in danger of type II diabetes 
There’s not much literature about the fact that not all type II diabteics are fat, but there’s definitely proof that it’s not just an ‘overweight person’ disease
Myth #4: Diabetics must stick to a “diabetic” diet
Ever seen those food labels that say “for diabetics”? Well, these are usually only on foods that have a lower sugar content and are safe for diabetics to consume. 
But there isn’t really a standard diabteic diet! As long as you’re eating balanced meals and limiting your sugar intake, you can claim this as your diabetic diet!
So next time, when someone is giving you grief about what it is you’re eating because you’re a type II diabetic, tell them about these busted myths!

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Yes, diabetics CAN eat sugar! Plus three other Type II diabetes myths busted
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