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Why you should replace energy drinks with THIS natural fuel...

by , 03 February 2021
Why you should replace energy drinks with THIS natural fuel...
If you struggle to get through the day without an energy boost, you've probably resorted to energy drinks.

They're like instant battery chargers!

The problem is, you start relying on them more and more.

And, the sugar content in them is a risk factor for diabetes.

But, there's a natural fuel you can drink that will give you the same boost AND help you keep your blood sugar under control.

New study shows this drink keeps blood sugar in check...

Now, sugar and refined carbs send your blood sugar shooting sky-high, which forces your body to flood your system with insulin to bring your blood sugar back down... Which then makes you feel tired, so you reach for a sugary drink or snack... And so it goes...

This continuous roller coaster ride is what brings on insulin resistance, and eventually diabetes...

But what if you could replace the sugary energy drinks and snacks with a healthier drink?

Well, researchers at the University of British Columbia may have found it thanks to a study involving obese people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes

These participants drank a KETONE drink in the morning, and 30 minutes later, they ate 70g of sugar. 

Their blood tests revealed that the KETONE drink helped them control their blood sugar and their bodies didn't need to flood their systems with insulin!

Keep reading to find out more about ketones... 

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What are ketones? 

Your body makes ketones in the liver from fat when your sugar stores are low. They're your body's alternative fuel source - like a reserve tank for when you can't get to food.

But since food (the wrong kind) isn't in short supply, we keep flooding our bodies with them - and they're the reason our blood sugar levels are always out of whack.

Eating a diet low in carbs, and fasting, will train the body to enter a state of ketosis to burn fat between meals and when you expend more energy than you've consumed - like when you exercise.

And in the meantime, to help you deal with your energy slumps and keep your blood sugar levels in check, why not replace your energy drinks with a ketone drink? 

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Why you should replace energy drinks with THIS natural fuel...
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