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Why low-fat milk could INCREASE your risk for type 2 diabetes

by , 28 April 2014

Thought you were doing your health a favour by drinking skim milk? Turns out you've been misguided. Low-fat milk doesn't just not help prevent type 2 diabetes, it actually raises your risk for the disease. Here's why…


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Why some information on diabetes belongs in the trash!

It’s really annoying when you follow the ‘experts’ advice only to find what they’ve told you is not just wrong, it could also be causing you harm instead of helping you!

A perfect example of this is the whole skim milk debate. They told you to cut out fat to prevent diabetes. So you duly switched from whole milk to skim milk, believing you were making this change for your health.

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, removing the fat from milk leaves it highly concentrated in natural sugars. And this can mess up your body’s insulin response. And when this happens, your risk for type 2 diabetes, obesity and other chronic disease increases!

If you eat (or drink) foods that trigger the release of insulin over a long period of time, the pancreas become overstimulated from producing so much insulin. And eventually, they stop working. This is what causes insulin diabetes.

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The first step to controlling your diabetes risk is to switch back to whole milk

Humans are the only species that drinks milk in adulthood. And some studies have linked milk to a certain health risks like prostate cancer. So the first question is, should you be drinking milk at all?

But if you decide you want to continue drinking milk, it may be healthier to switch back to whole milk. Always keep food in its original form in which Mother Nature has supplied it to us. You’re not likely to get it wrong if you do that. Whole milk contains a proportioned amount of sugars, fat and protein. And together, these nutrients make you feel fuller so you eat less and they don’t cause a spike in the release of insulin into the blood. This could help prevent diabetes and obesity in the long run.      

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Why low-fat milk could INCREASE your risk for type 2 diabetes
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