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Why eating meat is good for your health - especially if you're diabetic...

by , 21 February 2020
Why eating meat is good for your health - especially if you're diabetic...
We often consume fats that are unhealthy, like hydrogenated fats, and are deficient in valuable fats, like those we get from meat.

The fat that's in meat and dairy that's essential to your health...

Conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, is a collection of unique "18 pin" fatty acids found primarily in the meat and milk of grazing animals, like beef and dairy.

There is 300-400% more CLA in spring and summer milk and most dairy products due to the availability of fresh green pasture land, which augments CLA content in the milk and fat of grazing animals.

CLA makes a good argument for humans consuming an omnivorous diet, since there is far more CLA, carnitine, EPA, taurine, and lipoic acid in animal foods than plants foods.

Dr Weston Price toured the world in the 1930s with his nurse-wife visiting numerous cultures and found many different diets - but he never found a group of people who were completely vegan.

All of our ancestors ate some animal food. Maybe CLA is one of the nutrients that we need from a healthy mixed diet.

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Bacteria in the gut of ruminants, like cows, sheep, deer and buffalo, can produce CLA. Yet there is more CLA in grilled beef than raw beef, so the cooking process also enhances CLA content.

CLA may be able to help people with diabetes too...

It improves glucose and insulin levels. CLA manages to also make cells more sensitive to insulin, thus lowering insulin requirements and blood glucose levels.

Researchers from Penn State and Purdue boldly state: "CLA may prove
to be an important therapy for the prevention and treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus."

It's also an antioxidant. It slows down the oxidative damage, or the "rusting" that occurs in the body from normal processes as well as toxins and illness. 

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Why eating meat is good for your health - especially if you're diabetic...
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