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What's the link between obesity and diabetes?

by , 12 September 2014

If you're carrying a lot of extra weight, chances are you have type 2 diabetes too.

This because of the string connection between the cause and effects of obesity and those of type 2 diabetes.

Scientists at The Research Department of Human Nutrition in Denmark say there's no denying diabetes is "a fat disease".

While another leading doctor in the field of nutrition, Mark Hyman, says there shouldn't even be a difference between the two terms. As such, he refers to a new state of diabesity.

Read on to see why….

Did you know: Eating too many nutrients causes inflammation, which leads to obesity and diabetes!

A study at the State University of New York at Buffalo explains how there are two processes that happen in your body that causes obesity and diabetes.  
First, an increase in glucose, carbs, protein and fat causes your body to become inflamed. Then, there's an increase in inflammatory compounds like tumour necrosis factor (TNF) and interleukin-6. Both of these are highly associated with obesity and diabetes.  
The increase in both these processes means your body is in both an inflammatory state and oxidative stress in top of that.
TNF is important, because it's one of the main factors associated with insulin resistance. And it's your fat cells that make it. So the more fat cells you have, the more TNF your body makes and the more your body becomes inflamed and the less your cells respond to insulin.  
The study shows, however, that just by losing 5% of your body weight, your risk of insulin resistance and therefore type 2 diabetes significantly decreases.
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What's the link between obesity and diabetes?
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