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Watch out! This one thing could be why your child develops type II diabetes

by , 17 April 2014

If your child is overweight or obese, they're at high risk of developing type II diabetes. But as a parent or guardian you can prevent this ill-health fate… It starts with you paying close attention to their diet and lifestyle.

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Why is your child at high risk of developing type II diabetes?
Consumer.healthday.com explains that more than 80% of children with type II diabetes are overweight. 40% of these children are clinically obese!
So it’s clear that diabetes and obesity have a close connection.
So what can you do?
Instil good dietary habits in your child to prevent them from developing type II diabetes
If you allow your child to eat what they please you’re not doing their health any favours. While it may be difficult to get them to eat fresh fruit and vegetables over snacks and takeaways, the effort is worth it.
Should your child constantly eat high sugar, high carb foods, they could become insulin resistant because their body can’t process all the sugar. This is when type II diabetes starts.
But it’s not only their diet that’s important!
Prevent your child from developing type II diabetes with regular exercise
Regular exercise is essential to maintaining your child’s health.
Encourage your child to play outside instead of sitting at the computer or in front of the TV. Make a deal with them that they need to be outside during daylight hours, and then reward them with computer or TV time when the sun goes down.
Don’t let your child become another diabetic statistic, help them control their diet and lifestyle to keep their health in check.
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Watch out! This one thing could be why your child develops type II diabetes
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