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Warning: This deadly duo is putting you at risk of diabetes!

by , 09 December 2013

If you're between 40 and 74, there's a 30% chance you're already diabetic or pre-diabetic. In fact, if you eat like the average South Africa, chances are you're barrelling your way - full speed - down the highway to sugar hell. And you'll have a lot of company. The latest figures show that there are three-and-a-half million of diabetics in South Africans and thousands more will join them in the next five years. The reason? Because your hormones are out of whack! Here are the suprising facts behind diabetes hormone imbalance...

There are two BIG hormones that have been linked to a higher diabetes risk.

The first is the male sex hormone, testosterone. The second is cortisol.

Read on to discover why…

The link between testosterone and diabetes revealed

Consider this… Studies show that men who suffer from low testosterone are TWO AND A HALF times more likely to develop Type II diabetes.

Out of those, one in every three will die sooner.

So while your testosterone levels do naturally decline as you get older (it starts around your 30th birthday), eating the wrong foods, using too many plastic products, not working out the right way and obesity play a hand too.

But it’s not just testosterone’s fault… There's another diabetes hormone imbalance that could be at fault...

The link cortisol and diabetes revealed

A 35-year long study out of Sweden from the University of Gothenburg showed you’re 45% more likely to develop Type II diabetes if you’re stressed.

That’s because stress causes your adrenaline to surge.

In an effort to get you out of the stressful situation, your body releases cortisol. This instructs your body to flood your blood with sugar for a natural burst of energy and disrupts your body’s ability to produce insulin.

And that’s the problem!

You see, modern day stress – think bumper-to-bumper traffic, that looming work deadline, your credit card debt – isn't something you can run away from. This means your body doesn’t use up all that extra sugar flooding your bloodstream like it would if you were running away from a hungry lion.

And so your body’s vicious blood sugar cycle begins.

The end result of this diabetes hormone imbalance, a higher chance of becoming a diabetes statistic.  

So there you have it. If you want to lower your diabetes risk naturally, one of your best steps is to get your hormone levels back on track and keep your stress at bay.

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Warning: This deadly duo is putting you at risk of diabetes!
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