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Warning: Obesity is the #1 risk factor of diabetes

by , 31 March 2014

Research confirms that if you're severely overweight or obese, your risk of developing type II diabetes skyrockets. The only way to lower your risk is to maintain a healthy weight. Here's how to do just that, starting today!

What’s the link between diabetes and obesity?

Diabetes.co.uk says obesity puts you at 80% to 85% higher risk of developing diabetes.
But why is this the case?
Well, too much fat around your abdomen is the major cause of your problems. This fat encourages inflammatory responses in your system and causes your cells to become sensitive to insulin. Because of this, insulin can’t help the sugar get into your cells anymore! All the sugar you get from your diet now floats around your body in your blood with nowhere else to go. And it causes all sorts of problems.
So the more you eat, the more sugar there is in your blood. And the bigger your chance of diabetes related illnesses becomes.

Treat diabetes with common cinnamon
Someday soon the threat of diabetes type II could be wiped out for millions of people. Because Dr Wright has shown us how we could overcome and prevent it, using nothing more costly than table cinnamon.

And I’m not talking about some exotic variety, but the stuff that’s already in your cupboard!
If you or any of your loved ones have type II diabetes, this could reduce or eliminate any need for drugs...

Even more importantly, you’ll learn how to spot a tendency that hasn’t yet become full-blown diabetes. (Just a glance at your skin could tell you if you’re “programmed” for diabetes.) And Dr Wright will show you how you could keep the disease away forever.
Make it happen today! Click here.
Eat clean. Lose weight. Live diabetes free.
Change your lifestyle today. You don’t need to become a statistic. To do this, protect your body from diabetes and lose weight. Cut all refined sugar out of your diet and eat only fresh fruit, vegetable and lean sources of protein like chicken and fish.
Speak to your doctor or visit a nutritionist if you need a bit of extra help sorting out your diet. They’ll be able to provide you with information tailored specifically for your nutrition needs so you never have to go hungry even while on a change in diet!
Now that you know diabetes and obesity have a link, the only way to take control of your weight is to eat clean. You’ll protect your overall health in the long run if you lose weight starting right now. 

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Warning: Obesity is the #1 risk factor of diabetes
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