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Warning: Hot summer days may be a catalyst for developing diabetes

by , 08 October 2014

If you're fighting to control your weight and blood sugar watch out for the up coming sweltering summer days.

This because the hot weather puts more demand on your body and can increase your risk of uncontrolled high blood sugar; a significant risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

The Mayo Clinic says hot weather might not have a direct effect on your diabetes risk, but it certainly changes how you react and what your body does. Especially when it's trying to cope with other ailments and illnesses going on.

And that's bad news if you're hovering on the pre-diabetes fence…

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Here’s why you need to keep an eye on your blood sugar in hot weather if you suffer from any health issues…

Health issues that affect your body’s ability to balance your hormones or any processes that have to do with your blood sugar, can cause your blood sugar to become dangerously high when it’s hot outside.
Because of the heat, you sweat to cool off. But poor health means your body might need to cool down even more and you’ll lose water really quickly.
This causes your blood sugar to increase because your body loses fluid and can’t send the excess sugar into storage quickly enough. And your body needs to try flush the sugar out your system in other ways.
One of those ways is through your kidneys.
But that’s the problem! Sugar shouldn’t pass out your body in your urine!

Your risk of developing diabetes is higher in hot weather because your body tries harder to get rid of sugar

One of the checks for diabetes is whether there’s sugar in your urine. If there is, it generally means your body can’t take up sugar, store it or use it for energy fast enough.
It leads to insulin resistance and further depletes your energy supplies and your body’s ability to use sugar for energy.
So, not only are you struggling with your current health issues, your risk of type 2 diabetes shoots up too.
That’s why you need to use these three tips to prevent dehydration as the weather warms up over the next few weeks.
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Use these three tips to lower your type 2 diabetes risk

Tip #1: Drink plenty of water
Keep water with you throughout the day and take small sips as often as you can. Speak to your doctor about your daily water requirement and stick to it!
Tip #2: Don’t be tempted to drink sugary drinks
Drinking fruit juice or fizzy, sugary drinks could further increase your risk of diabetes in hot weather. Not only don’t they work well at hydrating you, they increase the sugar load on your body.
If you need something sweet, drink a low-calorie fruit seltzer.
Tip #3: Stay indoors in a cooled area during the hottest time of the day
When it’s hot outside, stay indoors where it’s cooler. Keep air circulating around you to prevent yourself from overheating and be sure to drink lots of water even if you aren’t thirsty. You’ll still sweat and your risk of dehydration is still high.
Bottom line: Start taking precautions in the next few weeks in preparation for the soaring summer temperatures. 

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Warning: Hot summer days may be a catalyst for developing diabetes
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