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Warning: Eating too much junk food increases your diabetes risk!

by , 26 September 2014

Think taking a quick detour on your way home to stop in at the local junk food joint is only putting you at risk of gaining a little weight?

It is, but that extra weight, no matter how little you think it is, is increasing your diabetes risk!

Researchers from the University of Minnesota found just how significant your risk of diabetes is when you eat junk food. After taking information from 52,000 people in Singapore, they found that eating junk food more than twice a week increased your diabetes risk by 27%!

And it's even more significant because of where the research data comes from.

Because the Westernised diet landed in Asia just a few years ago, it's important to note how high the risk of diabetes is with just a couple junk food meals a week. Asians were previously at the lowest risk of heart disease and diabetes because of their culturally healthy meals, but since the introduction of the fast food era, their health is deteriorating at a rate of knots. Much like the rest of the western world!

So what it is about junk food that puts you at such a great diabetes risk?

Read on to find out…

Eating junk food causes weight gain and a higher diabetes risk

Being overweight is one of the leading risk factors for diabetes, says Healthline.com.
This because of the way your fat cells work! They don’t simply sit there as storage cells, they’re active – in bad ways!
They mess with your body’s ability to respond to insulin. And this makes it harder for your cells to get the energy they require from the sugars in your foods.
So not only do all the cells in your body suffer from fatigue, sugar just floats around in your blood, acting like an acid on the tissues within your vessel walls.
And even though you might not think you’re gaining weight when you eat junk food, you are!
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You’re gaining weight around your organs and it’s increasing your diabetes risk

The saturated and trans fats found in high concentrations in junk food cause you to gain weight whether you can see it or not.
And that’s when it becomes dangerous.
Researchers don’t really know how your body decides to store fat around your organs instead of where you can see it, but there’s a strong link to eating a high fat diet.
So don’t be fooled by your typical overweight person’s image when you think about diabetes risk. You can be visually thin and still have a high risk of diabetes.
And your risk increases the more junk food you eat!
Eating fatty foods more than twice a week increases your diabetes risk almost three times that of people who eat junk food less than once a week.
So it’s time to start paying attention to your body and overall health…
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Cut back on junk food to improve your overall health and lower your diabetes risk

As you can see, even if you don’t put on weight while eating junk food every day it’s putting your overall health at risk.
It’s a great reason to cut back on eating take-aways.
You don’t even have to eliminate them completely, just be smart about what you eat and when!
You don’t want your love of junk food to be the reason your health takes a steady dive without you even knowing it, do you?

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Warning: Eating too much junk food increases your diabetes risk!
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