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Warning: Combine these two common drugs, and you stand a high chance of developing diabetes!

by , 13 March 2015

When you go to a doctor for a health problem, it's because you think it's best to be addressed sooner rather than later. But what does the doctor actually do?

In most cases, he'll run a physical exam, which will show him if there's a condition that may need treatment and then he works out what this treatment should consist of. Now, we all know that in most cases medical treatment is based on medication.

So if you go to a cardiologists he'll prescribe heart medication, while a psychiatrist may prescribe something for your mental health.
But what if you need both? What happens if you combine them? In most cases we don't expect any side effects, especially serious ones such as diabetes.
But now experts are saying this disease could be a result of combined medication.
Here's why...
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Heart meds and depression meds don’t mix well, says experts

Pravastatin (prescribed for heart conditions) and Paroxetine (prescribed for depression and anxiety) are two of the most common medications recommended by specialists. And they both give good results.
But if you take both of them together, you could be facing a much greater risk of developing diabetes than you thought, even if you're cutting down on sugar.

And if you’re already struggling with diabetes, this combination could make it so much harder to manage. Your blood sugar could skyrocket simply because of the drugs your doctor’s prescribed?

Researchers have recently discovered that combining these two specific drugs could lead to extreme increases in blood sugar levels or even push you over the edge to developing full-blown diabetes.

Their studies revealed that the average glucose increase was 19 mg/dl. That’s enough to trigger diabetes. While for patients already diagnosed with diabetes, combining these two medications pushed their glucose level up by 48 mg/dl. That’s an extremely dangerous jump.

So in case you’re currently taking both of these drugs, pay your doctor a visit right away and ask him to switch at least one of them to protect yourself against the ravages of high blood sugar and possible development of diabetes.

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Warning: Combine these two common drugs, and you stand a high chance of developing diabetes!
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