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Warning: Binge drinking could be the reason you end up with type 2 diabetes

by , 24 November 2014

Even if you don't drink during the week, but you like to relax and enjoy a couple on the weekend, it could be ruining your health.

And a recent first-of-its-kind study shows a direct link between binge drinking and type 2 diabetes.

Here's what the study found and, more importantly, what your can do to protect your health.

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Drinking heavily once or twice a month raises your type 2 diabetes risk

Researchers at the Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism Institute in New York studied the effects of alcohol on rats to determine what binge drinking does to their health.
One of the most significant findings they discovered was the link between binge drinking and diabetes.
In fact, the link was so clear, researchers determined that it was alcohol’s role in insulin resistance that left the rats more susceptible to type 2 diabetes.
When you drink alcohol, your body rapidly absorbs it and starts digesting it. It forms the poison acetaldehyde, which disrupts many of your body’s processes.
Looking closely at how alcohol affected rats, researchers found it literally blocks insulin receptors on your cells.
This means your cells don’t respond to insulin’s message to take up sugar and use it as energy. So, your cells just don’t do what it tells them to do. Or rather, they can’t because of alcohol.
Now, because there’s nothing wrong with your pancreas, it keeps making insulin because your body detects sugar. But because the sugar doesn’t go anywhere, it makes more and more insulin.
That’s when type 2 diabetes sets in. You blood contains both high levels of sugar and insulin, both causing equal amounts of chaos because they aren’t being used like they should.
And the more you drink, the worse the situation becomes.
Your pancreas continues to try get sugar into your cells – which are now starving – and it starts overworking.
Sooner or later, it simply stops being able to make insulin and that’s when you’re really in trouble.
But why is it such a big risk when you binge drink and don’t drink all the time?
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Binge drinking raises your diabetes risk because of the amount you drink in one sitting

Typically, binge drinking involves having more than five alcoholic drinks in under two hours.
And because your body can only process one unit of alcohol every hour, it’s a problem.
More alcoholic toxins float around your body causing harm while your body tries to process what it can.
So, what’s the solution?

Drink less to lower your type 2 diabetes risk

You don’t have to stop drinking altogether, you just need to be smart about it.
Knowing that your body can only deal with one drink an hour means you can limit the number of drinks you have in short spaces of time.
Diluting your drinks can also help significantly.
Lastly, eating when you drink lowers your body’s alcohol absorption rate. So be sure to eat a high protein, high fat meal when you do plan to drink a little more than usual.
As you can see, having a good time and drinking too much isn’t worth the risk it poses to your health. Think about that every time you raise your glass to ensure it’s not the reason you suffer with type 2 diabetes in future. 

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Warning: Binge drinking could be the reason you end up with type 2 diabetes
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