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Walnuts are proving to be key in controlling blood sugar...

by , 29 April 2013

If you're serious about getting your blood sugar under control, I have some good news for you today...

A new study conducted at Harvard University discovered that nutrient-packed walnuts could hold the key to keeping you from ever developing type II diabetes.
The study led by a Harvard nutritionist followed the dietary habits of 138,000 women for over a decade. In that time, researchers found that women who ate at least 228g of walnuts a month slashed their risk of developing type II diabetes by an astonishing 24%!

That’s right, these tasty nuts could be the key to avoiding a future of painful insulin injections and bland meals.

Walnuts are packed with healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that have proven to be powerful weapons in the fight against diabetes.
But that's not all...

Their health benefits don’t stop there. Researchers also found that women who regularly ate walnuts weighed less and were more likely to stick with diets that included other healthy and delicious foods, like fish.
Just a couple of walnuts per day can even help reduce your risk for heart disease risk... And may even help ward off aggressive prostate cancer!
Be sure to add a bag of walnuts to your weekly shopping list, your body will thank you for it.

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Walnuts are proving to be key in controlling blood sugar...
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