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Use this weird but easy-to-find flower to reduce blood sugar...

by , 06 April 2021
Use this weird but easy-to-find flower to reduce blood sugar...
When you're constantly worrying about your blood sugar, it's hard to enjoy special occasions, like Easter.

And, if your doctor has told you, you're pre-diabetic, it's like trying to prevent being hit by a train in a tunnel...

But there's a strange little flower that could help you completely prevent diabetes within just 12 days - and keep your blood sugar in check...

This ingredient in your spice rack could tame your blood sugar surges... 

Cloves are aromatic spices you add to curries, stews and other dishes to give them a wonderfully tangy flavour.

They're actually unopened sun-dried flower buds from the clove tree...

And they could make balancing your blood sugar much easier!

In a recent study, published in the medical journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, participants took a 250mg clove supplement for 30 days after meals.

They were pre-diabetic, and the control group had healthy blood sugar levels. 

After 12 days, when the researchers measured their blood sugar, two hours after meals and eight hours before meals, they found that:

* By day 12, post-meal blood sugar levels had significantly decreased 
* The group that was pre-diabetic lowered their glucose levels by 27%
* Their fasting blood sugar also reduced by day 24
* The healthy blood sugar group also lowered their glucose levels by 21%

These are significant results!

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If you're having trouble keeping your blood sugar in the normal range, consider spicing up your foods a little with this aromatic little flower!

You can add cloves to your meals, but to know exactly how much you're actually getting, it's easier to take a clove extract supplement or tincture, which you can buy at health shops. 

You can also make clove tea and sip it through out the day.

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Use this weird but easy-to-find flower to reduce blood sugar...
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