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Use this herb to end your sugar addiction!

by , 08 January 2021
Use this herb to end your sugar addiction!
Do you crave something sweet after your meals?

What about your food choices mid-afternoon when your energy levels take a dip... Do you reach for something sweet most of the time?

It's no surprise! Did you know that sugar is one of the most addictive substances you could have?

That's right! It activates the same pleasure centres in the brain that drugs do. This has been proven through brain scans.

And when you try to cut it out of your diet, just like with drugs, you experience withdrawal symptoms!

What if you just cut down?

Well, it's got you there too, because you develop a tolerance for sugar - which means, you need more and more of it to get the same pleasure from it. 

But now, there's a herb that's been shown to actually make you DISLIKE the taste of sugar!

This herb doesn't just reduce cravings, it makes you DISLIKE the taste of sugar!

In a study out of New Zealand, researchers gave the study participants either a mint containing 4mg of the herb gymnema sylvestre, or a placebo. 

The group that took the gymnema lost their liking for sugary treats, like chocolates and sweets. 

These treats actually taste bitter when you take a gymnema supplement! That's the best way to deal with sugar - not eating it in the first place!

This is a better option than trying to reduce its effects once it's already in your body.

But it does also help in other ways, find out more below...

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Besides preventing weight gain, it helps reduce blood sugar spikes, helps the pancreas make more insulin, and also helps reduce cholesterol. 

You can buy gymnema sylvestre supplements at good health shops. Work with your doctor if you're on blood sugar medication. 

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Use this herb to end your sugar addiction!
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