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Use these three management tips to easily control your sugar diabetes

by , 07 April 2014

Making sure you have the right amount of nutrients for your body to function properly, while still controlling your carb and sugar intake can be a daunting task when you're living with sugar diabetes. But there's a simple way to look at your diet. Keep reading to discover the three most important factors to focus on…

Create a plan! It’s the best way to control your blood sugar levels

Living with sugar diabetes means you can’t simply stop for food at any time. You need to have a plan when it comes to all your meals.
There are three important factors to consider. They involve counting your carbs, exchanging between foods types and making a point of focussing on the glycaemic index of foods.
Here’s how to use each of these factors to your advantage to control your blood sugar.

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Focus on your foods to control your blood sugar
1.     Counting carbs: Carbs break down into glucose, so simple carbs have a way of creating a spike in your blood sugar. The Mayo Clinic suggests eating carbs at the same time every day when you take your meds. This should help to regulate your blood sugar more efficiently. Be sure to read all food labels so you can identify all the nutritional value of the foods you eat.
2.     The exchange system: Using the exchange system means you group foods into different categories. You’ll have a carb group, meat or meat product group and a fats group. You can exchange a portion of food in one group for one serving of another food in the same group. Be sure to stick to the serving sizes of each food to get this right. See a dietician to help you categorise foods and determine their portion sizes.
3.     Glycaemic index (GI): Only eat foods with a low GI! This because it takes a long time for these types of foods to digest and they don’t cause your blood sugar to spike.
There you have it! Three easy ways to manage your blood sugar. 

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Use these three management tips to easily control your sugar diabetes
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