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Use these three easy diet tips to manage your type II diabetes

by , 08 May 2014

If you're living with type II diabetes, it might seem like a daunting task to keep your blood sugar under control. But don't throw in the towel and let your health slide just yet! It's not as hard as you think to control your blood sugar. Use these three tips to manage your life when living with diabetes.

End the Uphill Weight Battle That’s Affecting your Diabetes 

The choice is yours. You have tried the “miracle” diets. You may have even lost some weight. But then you have gained it right back again! It’s time to get off the rollercoaster.

Place a large portion of your focus on food when you have type II diabetes

Diabetes management tip #1: Eat the foods you enjoy
Flavour is important, especially when you suffer from type II diabetes. This because you need to keep your taste buds satisfied so they don’t make you want to eat unhealthy sugary foods.
Instead of using salt on your food for flavour, experiment with a variety of natural herbs and spices.
Rather than eating sugary foods, eat fruit and sweet vegetables instead. This will help with the cravings and provide you with the nutrition your body needs.

Unknown sugar-buster hiding in a most unlikely place
Researchers find that combining two types of natural fibre can stabilise your blood sugar.
Read about this discovery and six more when you read 7 Ways to Defeat Diabetes without a Single Drug.
Diabetes management tip #2: Divide up your plate
Your plate is as important as the food you put on it. Throw out those big serving dishes and opt for a small dinner plate or bowl instead. The diameter of your plate should be just a little bigger than the length of an average fork.
Put thought into what goes on your plate too. Divide your plate up into three parts: One half and two quarters.
Fill the half with fruit and vegetables and fill one of the two quarters with lean protein and the other with whole grains or unrefined carbs.
Diabetes management tip #3: Plan your food
Make sure you have a plan for times when your blood sugar may dip. Whether this is on a day you feel a little flu-ish or you’re going to be out and about for a while. Keep healthy snacks in your bag so you don’t have to resort to food that’s not good for you!
As you can see, it’s easier than you think to change your diet and lifestyle to keep your blood sugar under control.

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Use these three easy diet tips to manage your type II diabetes
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