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Use these five tips that'll guarantee you have a “Happy Holiday” despite your diabetes

by , 17 December 2014

Christmas time used to be your happy time, but since your type 2 diabetes diagnosis, it's become something of a horrendous experience.
But did you know you can still enjoy every aspect of the holidays despite the disease?

That's right!

And it doesn't involve avoiding the dessert table or eating something different to what's on everyone else's plate.

Read on for five helpful tips to keep your blood sugar under control while enjoying the holidays…

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Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to destroy your Christmas spirit

Tip #1: Invite guests to your house
Instead of staying home alone this Christmas to avoid excessive meals at someone else’s house, have Christmas dinner at your house this year!
This way you can dictate what you want to eat without losing out one the social and family aspect of Christmas.
Just remember to look for recipes that everyone will enjoy but will still keep your blood sugar under control.
For example, bbcgoodfood.co.uk says you can still cook a turkey. Just remember to go for the white meat on the breast without skin instead of the dark meat on the thigh.
Also, cook baked potatoes and grilled potato wedges instead of roast potatoes soaked in oil. And have lots of fresh salads and veggies available as sides.
For dessert, have sweet options available, but make sure there are a few low-glycaemic fruit salads and sugar free treats available for you to enjoy too.
And we’re pretty sure everyone will appreciate the lower calorie – but still tasty – meal you provide.
Tip #2: Enjoy a glass or two, but keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum
You can drink a glass or two of wine, but make sure you alternate with water, says Diabetes Care UK.
Tip #3: Don’t become a couch potato
Don’t let Christmas be an excuse to sit on the couch and do nothing. An essential part of diabetes management is staying active.
If you have grandkids throw a ball around the garden before dinner. Otherwise, go for a long walk to work up an appetite before your guests arrive.
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Tip #4: Check your blood sugar
Make sure you monitor your blood sugar more vigilantly during Christmas festivities. Diabetes Care UK says it’s not a big deal if your blood sugar reading is higher than normal once of twice over the festive season, but anything more than that can have serious consequences on your health.
That’s why it’s important to check your blood sugar regularly and put preventative measures in place should you notice it’s out of whack.
Tip #5: Keep stress to a minimum
While you’re planning activities at your house, be sure to manage your stress levels. Have everything planned and prepared well in advance so you can keep your stress levels to a minimum.
Having to cope with too much stress and the change in eating habits during the festivities can have a disastrous effect on your diabetes symptoms. Ask close family members to help out either by coming to your house to help out, or bringing one of the dishes you wish to serve.
Involve your grandkids in setting up. Have them arrange the table and ensure everyone does what they can to take some of the stress of you.
As you can see, it’s easy to get into the Christmas spirit despite living with type 2 diabetes. So use these tips and enjoy a happy holiday with your family and friends. 

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Use these five tips that'll guarantee you have a “Happy Holiday” despite your diabetes
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