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Type II diabetes warning: Too much protein is as deadly as too much sugar!

by , 15 April 2014

Urgent health breakthrough: Researchers have discovered that eating too much protein when it comes to developing type II diabetes. Read on to discover why…

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A protein rich diet could be deadly

MedicalNewsToday.com explains how protein affects your system. On the one hand, it’s good to increase your protein intake for a short amount of time because it has great benefits for weight loss and weight management. But in the long run it could be deadly.

Not only can a protein rich diet lead to the development of type II diabetes, it can shorten your life span!

The Cell Metabolism journal posted the results of the study about how protein affects your health. It shows that it’s not all protein is bad for you; its animal protein in particular that causes many health problems…

And the results of the study were shocking!

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Over the age of 50? You could die from type II diabetes

If you eat an animal protein rich diet, you’re three times more likely to die from type II diabetes. And this within 18 years of the diagnosis of the disease, says MedicalNewsToday.com.

While on the opposite side of the spectrum, plant protein is good for you. When subjects in the study changed to eating plant based protein, their risk of type II diabetes lowered or went away completely!

But be warned: Don’t cut protein out of your diet. It’s essential for many of your metabolic processes. Just stick to eating plant based protein products to avoid increasing your risk of developing type II diabetes in your late 40s.

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Type II diabetes warning: Too much protein is as deadly as too much sugar!
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